Friday, March 22, 2013

Session 2 & 3 Glaze Clay Animal Banks

 Session 2 & 3 met this week because of Spring Break next week.

 Glazing Animals...


After they finished glazing their animal banks they started to design the cover for their own personal sketchbooks.

Check in later to see the finished shiny animals :-) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Club Helps Prepare for Art Show

The Art Club is beginning to help prepare for the first ever Upper Dauphin Area Elementary School Spring Art Show coming at the end of May.

They are hard at work painting grade level exhibit signs for display throughout the school.

Elementary Art Club Members and Middle School and High School Art Helpers work side by side!

Session 1 Glazes Clay Animal Banks

Art Club Session 1 Clay Animal Banks: Glazing

Art Club Members patiently waited for their clay banks to come out of the kiln. Their clay animals are now white and called Bisqueware: permanently hard pottery. This week they used colorful glazes (glaze is made out of glass, water and minerals) to paint their animals. Their projects will be fired in the kiln again to melt the glass and make a shiny finish. Check out the progress and hard work in the photographs below.

Painting glaze on their animals...


The clay animals await their firing in the kiln. Their color is dull and chalky, but not for long...

The animals inside the kiln

TADA... The finished animals with a happy shine.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

UDA'S Got Talent Show

All Art Club Sessions proudly produced a Talent Show display for the UDAES Talent Show that happened at the end of February. They did a great job and decorated the stage beautifully for the big night.

Clay Piggy Banks Session 3

Art Club Session 3 designed their Animal Banks. They continued the creativity by creating even more exciting animals, even imaginary animals and combination animals. Some banks looked like a combination of two or three animals put together. So cool!  This session a dinosaur, a unicorn, a fox and a chinchilla was created.

Art Club Helpers helped Art Club members and gave them good ideas while helping solve tricky problems.

Check out the progress and hard work in the photo's below:

The Lady Table hard at work.

Jeffrey designing four dinosaur legs.

Noah's Rat/Fox combination :-)

Kelsey and her pet Chinchilla

All smiles for successful projects!

The Unicorn!

Furry Chinchilla!

Jaguar! Roar!

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