Sunday, May 15, 2016

Finished Paintings

I missed posting these great final paintings and hand sculptures.
Please take a look...the hard work was worth it!

- Thanks for visiting!
Mrs. Jarrett

Soft Sculpture Stitching & Sewing

Our last art club project was a soft sculpture. Students chose from a selection of patterns or designed their own. We used felt and embroidery thread to stitch designs into their pattern. Eyes, feathers, scales, and fur were added to fish, owls, snakes and bunnies. Kiddos then pinned their two felt pieces together because their 2-D shapes were to become 3-D sculptures. They learned the loop stitch and sewed their two pieces together, leaving a hole to stuff. Once stuffed, their animals came to life. This was a new medium and technique for most students, but they caught on fast and really enjoyed the process!