Thursday, December 20, 2012

Readers' Reef Mural Day 6

Art Club Session 3 finalized the mural by adding second coats to many colors in order to make them vibrant! They also added a darker brown sponge paint along the palm trees. This was added to make it look like the shade that is created from the palm tree leaves.

We also worked on Holiday Cards for some of the staff at UDAES whom we wanted to send our appreciation for all that they do for us and the school community.

Below are some pictures of the mural.
Ms. Bowman will add a few ending touches.
Final Mural pictures will be posted sometime in January.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Readers' Reef Mural Day 5

Art Club Session 2 was hard at work adding detail to the mural's sand by sponge painting a lighter color to create texture. Session 2 also painted letters of the alphabet that Ms. Bowman added to the base of the palm trees to go with the reading theme. Art Club Members worked near the sand underneath a warm red light. They really felt like they were on the beach!!

Below are some photographs of the progress.

Almost done!! Great Job Art Club Session 2! Helpers I couldn't do it without you, thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reader's Reef Mural Day 4

Art Club Session 1 met and continued to work on the mural. We painted over the transparent areas to make them solid bright colors. Students also began to sponge paint texture on the top layer of the sand. A reporter from The Upper Dauphin Sentinel came to visit and take pictures while we worked on the mural. A few students got interviewed too! The article should appear in The Upper Dauphin Sentinel sometime in January. I will keep you posted with exact dates.

Below are pictures of the progress we made.

Art Club also began working on the backdrop for the annual "UDA's Got Talent" Talent Show. Here are some photos of the students hard at work.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Art Club Helps with 4th Grade Musical

Art Club Session 3 worked hard on the display for the 4th Grade upcoming Musical "We Haz Jazz" They painted the vibrant purple title sign with great perfection! The Musical is on Monday, December 3rd at 7:00 P.M. in the Elementary Gym. Come check it out!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Readers' Reef Mural Day 3 Update

Art Club Session 3 continued to tackle the mural painting. This group was able to finish almost all of the sand. The seagulls now have color and the Snack Shack is almost complete. After three session, the Readers' Reef Mural is looking fabulous! Great job UDAES Art Club! Thanks Art Helpers.

Below is a slideshow of the progress.

Readers' Reef Mural Day 2 Update

The second Art Club group continued to add vibrant colors to The Readers' Reef Mural. They finished the palm trees and began adding color to the beach critters. The sand is the biggest part of the mural and is taking the longest to complete!

The fish that you see hanging from the ceiling in the Readers' Reef Room were created by First Grade Art Students. These students were happy to donate their fish to the Reading Room for the 2012-13 school year.

Below is a slide show of the progress.

Art Club Takes Part in Grandparents Day

Art Club Session 1 took some time to prepare for The UDAES Annual Grandparents Day Celebration. Third and Fourth Grade Art Club Members were eager to help paint a welcome sign that would hang behind the stage during the school wide musical performance. Third Grade Art Students also helped decorate trees with leaves using an artistic style called Printmaking. Below is a picture of the display.

Readers' Reef Mural Day 1 Update

The first Art Club group began painting the Reader's Reef Mural. They enjoyed painting while having their toes in the sand! Ms. Bowman asked UDA Middle School and UDA High School Students to be Art Helpers during all Art Club Sessions. Ms. Bowman loves having the Art Helpers and they enjoy helping the Elementary Students while painting along side them.

Below are pictures of Art Club Members and Helpers working hard on the mural.

Readers' Reef Mural

Upper Dauphin Area Elementary is having their first ever after school Art Club. Started by Art Teacher, Ms. Bowman. The first Art Club Project will be a mural. This mural will be painted in the Reader's Reef which is the new Elementary Reading Room. Prior to the start of Art Club, Ms. Bowman enlarged a beach drawing that was done by a UDA High School Student, Courtney Windemaker, onto the wall in the Reading Room. She used a projector screen to enlarge the drawing and painted it with black paint.
Below is a slideshow of the room before the painting began.