Monday, March 14, 2016

Art Club T-Shirts

Thanks to Mr. Jarrett the originally designed Art Club t-shirts are finished! We wore them as a group on Friday, March 12th to celebrate National Youth Art Month. The arts rock here at UDA and so do we in our cool shirts.

Hand Sculptures

Art Club kiddos are making sculptures of their hands in various positions. First we had to wrap our hands and wrists with saran wrap  in order to get our hands out of the sculpture safely. We used buddies to help us because doing this with one hand is pretty impossible.

Next we wrapped our hands with duck tape. Two layers to be sure! Students carefully cut the tape to let their hands free. It was hot up there! Next we will stuff the sculptures to give it good solid form and structure.

Evelyn & Gracie G.

Emilee & Ava

Gabe, Gavin & Bryson

Cheyenne & Jonah

Painting comes next...