Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clay Piggy Banks Art Club Session 2

Art Club Session 2 made their creative clay piggy banks last week. They continued the creativity by creating even more exciting animals.  This session a frog, a money, and a baseball was created.

Art Club Helpers again, each led their own group. This was a big success because everyone helped each other and gave each other good ideas while helping solve tricky problems.

Check out the progress below by clicking the link:  Clay Banks Session 2 Photographs

A slideshow of the photographs will be uploaded soon so check back!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clay Piggy Banks Art Club Session 1

Art Club's February project is Clay Piggy Banks. This project will take up the next two months because ceramic arts goes through an important process:

1. Clay project is designed
2. Clay dries to bone dry clay called Greenware
3. Greenware is fired in Kiln to Bisque Ware
4. Bisque Ware is painted with Glaze
5. Glaze Ware is fired in Kiln for glaze to melt into shiny colors.
6. Completed Project :-)
 **A long process that is worth the wait!

Art Club Helpers were greatly appreciated and used throughout this project. Each Art Club Helper was assigned a group of four Art Club Members to teach step by step techniques to create their own unique piggy bank.

I love how each Art Club Member's bank is unique and different. Some students even turned their banks into other animals like cats and penguins, even a car! Creativity was flowing. Great Job!

Below is a slideshow of photographs during the clay creation:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mural In UD Sentinel Newspaper

The Readers' Reef Mural Project & Art Club Article and Photographs in Upper Dauphin Sentinel TODAY Tuesday, Feb. 5th. Grab your copy today!

A brief article is online: http://www.sentinelnow.com/news/news%201.html

The print version includes more photographs, a panorama photograph of the mural and much more! Check it out.

Thank you for the support!

Ms. Bowman