Thursday, December 8, 2016

Art Can Make A Difference!

We had a very special art club session this week. For the holidays, art club likes to give back in an artistic way! This year we decided to make craft kits for the organization, Caitlin Smiles which is located in Harrisburg. They are a group of people who put together craft bags for kids that are spending time in the local hospitals. Prior to our art club session students donated materials to make these kits. Thank you to all of the families that did donate materials to the cause. We were only going to spend half of art club on these kits but our kiddos have such big hearts and they were on a mission. If we made 444 craft kits we would have enough to put in each bag that the Discovery groups are decorating next week. Guess what... WE MET OUR GOAL! We made 444 craft kits. It was such an honor to see these students want to give back without getting anything in return.

Enjoy the photos below!

Ella & Brian hard at work. We measured too!

Ben made a lot of kits!

Having fun!

So much fun!

The whole group with their bags and 444 proud. Thanks to the MS helpers too, they made a bunch of kits themselves.

You all make me proud, thanks for visiting!
-Mrs. Jarrett