Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Club & Readers' Reef Mural Project Publicity!

ATTENTION All UDAES Art Club Students, Helpers, UDASD Staff and Community:

I am proud to announce that the Art Club and Readers' Reef Mural Project will be displayed in The Upper Dauphin Sentinel Newspaper on Tuesday, February 5. Please look out for the article and buy a copy!

The article will include the outrageous talent of the UDAES Art Club and celebrate their success and wonderful job they did on the Readers' Reef Mural project. Lots of pictures and praise will be displayed.

Please support UDA Arts by purchasing a copy for yourself.

Thank you!

Ms. Bowman

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Session 3 Tops Off Recyclable Art!

Art Club Session 3 proudly marked their signature on the Readers' Reef Mural and posed so preciously by the completed work of art. They then too created fabulous Recyclable Art Mosaics. Their designs were very creative and colorful. Students enjoy working together and collaborating ideas. We can all learn from each other.

Check out their progress.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Session 2 Continues Recyclable Art!

Art Club Session 2 met and placed their signature on the Readers' Reef Mural with pride in their hard work.
They also created their cap mosaics. Recyclable Art is so cool!

Check out photos below from the event:
 Art Club Helpers started to create the writing for the Cap Mosaic Quilt.

UDAES and Art Club in co ordinance with the cap collection are sorting out the clear water bottle caps for a great cause. Each caps helps raise money for chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. It feels good to help others.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Club Session 1 Makes Recyclables into Art!

Recyclable Art

Art Club Session 1 used plastic colored bottle caps to create unique mosaics. Each student was given a cardboard square. They designed their mosaic with a border and a unique design or image. Each students mosaic square will be put together to be part of a cap mosaic quilt.

Check out the process below:

Colorful Cap Mosaics: aligned together like a quilt, each square unique and creative!

Readers' Reef Mural Is Complete!!!!

The Readers Reef is complete! Ms. Geesey helped me touched up some unfinished areas and outlined with black paint. Each Art Club Session is adding their signature to the snack shack as we meet this month.

The Readers Reef Mural couldn't have been possible without:
-3rd and 4th Grade Art Students
-Courtney W. High School Artist who designed the murals imagery
-UDAMS & UDAHS Art Helpers
. Music Teacher Ms. Geesey
-Principal Mrs. Megonnell
-Mr. Skelton
-UDAES Teachers and Staff Support

Thank you for all that you did to make this mural a HUGE success!

Below are photographs of the completed mural:

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