Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Clay Monsters Day 1 Formation

Students used the basic clay technique - the pinch pot to create large mouth's for their creepy crawly animal/monster/people/creatures. 

Students first drew their inspirations on a piece of paper. Drawing their creature from the front view and the back. 

They started with a basic pinch pot using a cup mold. They they created legs, teeth, eyes, tongues, extra body parts and much more using the coil technique. They pinched, pulled and squeezed their clay to get desired shapes. 

Art Club Members learned how to connect clay together with the slip and score technique using sticky icky slip. Students completed their creatures by adding textures using various materials or carving into the sides of the clay.

Their creatures await the heat of the kiln oven where they will become bisqueware and will be ready to glaze in beautiful colors that will bring them to life!

Mrs. Jarrett's example

Demonstration at it's finest!

The inspiration!

Fun with clay!

Octopus Monster

Crab Monster

Snail Monster

Beaver Monster

Thanks for visiting!
- Mrs. Jarrett

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yearbook Cover Design Winners

Original Designs:
By: Maggie Charles

By Gracie Griffiths & Jillan Wertz

By: Barbara Ann Hartman & Kristen Heim

By: Jason Harner, Emilee Deibert & Ava Matter

The 2015-16 Yearbook Cover Design put together...

Back Cover: Kristen Heim & Barbara Ann Hartman
Back Cover Camera: Ava Matter, Emilee Deibert & Jason Harner
Front Cover: Gracie Griffiths & Jillan Wertz

Inside Signature Page: Maggie Charles (still working on currently)

Great job artists!
-Mrs. Jarrett