Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pour Painting Session 2

Art Club discovered more beautiful color combinations when pouring paint. Gravity Rocks!





Thanks for a great creative year Session 2!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pour Painting Session 1

Our last month of Art Club for the school year, boy has time flied by. We went out with a fun project to celebrate all the wonderful creations made this year. Be prepared... today was CRAZY HAIR DAY!

We were inspired by Contemporary Artist, Holton Rower, Pour Painter today in Art Club. Check out the video we watched prior to creating our own pour painted pots.

We used bright spring colored acrylic paint when doing our pour painted pots. The puts were flipped over on a Styrofoam tray. The paint was thinned with water and we used scoopers to pour the paint from the bottom of the pot. The paint fell down the pot and as we poured the colors, interesting designs began to appear.

 Here we go...

Our results...


Until next year Session 1, Happy Summer!