Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mural Status!

I am proud to announce that there will be another Art Club Mural! I opened up the design process to the 4th grade students. They were asked to design a drawing for the mural. The only rules they had was to keep in mind the theme: a positive school community. I chose two winners, Natalie C. and Keira F. their drawings seemed to complement and complete each other. I put their drawings together into one design. How cool to have student art permanently on the school walls!

Mr. Hoover and Ms. Geesey helped me put up the high portion of the mural but the two winning designers stayed after school with me to continue the layout process. Here are some photographs of our progress.

Hard working ladies!

So much fun!

A little more to go...

I am so proud of them :-) Not done yet but soon! The plan is to have Art Club paint the colors starting in January so stay tuned!
-Ms. B

More Finished Pots!

Session 3 Glazing

 The Ladies!

 Say Cheese!

Kiln Ready!

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Ms. B

Friday, November 15, 2013

Clay Woven Bowls Finished to Perfection!

Check out Session 1 Glazed Woven Bowls, Glazed to Perfection and on display for all to see and enjoy.

Session 2: Glazing

More beautiful pots begin to shine with color...

Sister-Brother Love!

Girls Rock at Art!

Ready to be Glazed!

The stuffing begins...

To be continued...

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Ms. B

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Session 1 Glazing Woven Bowls & Sock Creatures Begin

Glazing Woven Bowls

Our woven clay pots have been fired one time. They are now called Bisqueware. They are permanently hard and ready to be glazed and fired AGAIN! The glaze firing melts the glass inside the glaze and leaves the pots with a shiny colorful finish.

Here are photographs from the painting process...

We love our High School Helpers!!

Ready to be fired again!

Sock Creatures Begin

Art Club will be making Sock Creatures to give to a very special group of people in December. We will keep this a secret to the public but some very special people will be greeted with a friendly hand-made gift for the holidays. The hard work begins...

Ready to decorate!

Stay Tuned
-Ms. B.