Thursday, December 8, 2016

Art Can Make A Difference!

We had a very special art club session this week. For the holidays, art club likes to give back in an artistic way! This year we decided to make craft kits for the organization, Caitlin Smiles which is located in Harrisburg. They are a group of people who put together craft bags for kids that are spending time in the local hospitals. Prior to our art club session students donated materials to make these kits. Thank you to all of the families that did donate materials to the cause. We were only going to spend half of art club on these kits but our kiddos have such big hearts and they were on a mission. If we made 444 craft kits we would have enough to put in each bag that the Discovery groups are decorating next week. Guess what... WE MET OUR GOAL! We made 444 craft kits. It was such an honor to see these students want to give back without getting anything in return.

Enjoy the photos below!

Ella & Brian hard at work. We measured too!

Ben made a lot of kits!

Having fun!

So much fun!

The whole group with their bags and 444 proud. Thanks to the MS helpers too, they made a bunch of kits themselves.

You all make me proud, thanks for visiting!
-Mrs. Jarrett

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mural Brainstorming

Another mural is underway. Students have been working so hard on their mural ideas that I cannot wait to see the final results. The theme this year is the Special Area classes: Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer, Guidance, Health & Library. We are inspired by so many of these classes that a wall should be dedicated to them. Students are working individually and in pairs.

Students also create portfolios with graffiti style letters representing their initials. They then spray painted them n the sink using the primary colors to make the secondary colors. Check out a video of Mackenzie's new inventive way to create.

Keep following us!
- Mrs. Jarrett

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Please Donate

Art Club
Donations Needed
Every year Art Club gives back in a “crafty way.”
This year we will be making craft kits for Caitlin Smiles.

Taken from the website: “Caitlin’s Smiles provides children in hospitals with arts and crafts activities in the forms of “Bags of Smiles”, individual arts and crafts kits, homemade cards and treasure and treat kits. These kits help us put smiles on the faces of children facing chronic or life-threatening illnesses by encouraging them to focus upon creative arts activities to boost their self-confidence and self-worth”

We will be making craft kits and decorating bags during our Art Club meetings in December. I am asking for material donations to help make the craft kits.

Items Needed:
  1. Pony Beads (colors: red, black, yellow, orange, blue and white)
  2. Elastic cord for bracelet making (any color, but stretchy please)
  3. Ziploc sandwich baggies
  4. Paper bags: 8 x 10 x 4 (with a handle), it doesn't matter what the color is.

Please give all donations to Mrs. Jarrett in the Art Room by: Monday, December 5th

Thank you in advance for helping us give back in a “crafty way!”

Monday, October 10, 2016

First Art Club Meeting of the Year

This is the day we all were waiting for, the first day of Art Club! As Art Club members students will have their own individual portfolio to keep their work in. They can take it with them throughout the year to keep creating at home too! We went to the computer lab and experimented with a graffiti creator website. The website is: Please visit the website at home for more creating. Students designed their initials and printed a copy. We went back to the art room and drew our initials in graffiti style but much larger. We outlined and made them appear 3-D with colorful sharpies.

My example:

Graffiti artists use colorful spray paint to create their art and they do so in pre-approved areas around the community. Here is an example of appropriate graffiti art in Harrisburg, PA:

We used a "spray paint" made by Mrs. Jarrett. We used the primary colored spray paint to mix to the secondary colors beautifully. We are patiently waiting for them to dry and will attach them to our portfolios next time we meet. 

Check out the students working on their drawings.

Finished results...

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned to check out the finished portfolios!
- Mrs. Jarrett 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bye Bye 4th Graders!!

Last art club meeting was spent painting signs for the art show. I am so thankful for these kiddos. They make our art show look beautiful! Each sign was themed around a special artist that was studied during that year. I am going to miss these creative artists.

Happy summer!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Finished Paintings

I missed posting these great final paintings and hand sculptures.
Please take a look...the hard work was worth it!

- Thanks for visiting!
Mrs. Jarrett

Soft Sculpture Stitching & Sewing

Our last art club project was a soft sculpture. Students chose from a selection of patterns or designed their own. We used felt and embroidery thread to stitch designs into their pattern. Eyes, feathers, scales, and fur were added to fish, owls, snakes and bunnies. Kiddos then pinned their two felt pieces together because their 2-D shapes were to become 3-D sculptures. They learned the loop stitch and sewed their two pieces together, leaving a hole to stuff. Once stuffed, their animals came to life. This was a new medium and technique for most students, but they caught on fast and really enjoyed the process!